Asklipios SA, Psychiatric Clinic of Veria: Complete shielding against the coronavirus

Asklipios SA, Psychiatric Clinic of Veria: Complete shielding against the coronavirus

Δημοσιεύτηκε: 28 July 2021

The “Asklipios SA” Psychiatric Clinic of Veria, remains faithful to the strategy of providing high quality services that follows from the first day of its creation and maintained throughout the years of crisis, until today. At this time, going through a new crisis, that of the pandemic, the Asklipios SA, Psychiatric Clinic of Veriais not complacent but remains on alert and vigilant, adopting all the necessary measures to shield its patients, staff and associates.

The priority of Asklipios SA, Psychiatric Clinic of Veria is safety. A series of measures are observed for the protection of patients and employees against the coronavirus, but also for the facilitation of relatives, being the safe bridge between them and their loved ones who are treated in the clinic, in order to offer a highly protected environment.

The aim is to ensure the mental and physical health of all patients, observing all the guidelines of E.O.D.Y. and the World Health Organization.

  • Employees make full use of all individual and group protection measures and follow faithfully, being trained, the procedures of entry, execution of their work and their behavior outside the workplace. In this way, they protect themselves and the patients. The Asklipios SA, Psychiatric Clinic of Veria has taken care of the availability of the necessary means of personal protection. The employees experience a sense of responsibility outside the Hospital and understand that compliance with safety measures in their family and social life is an equally important factor. All staff use surgical masks and gloves and are treated with antiseptic and thermometers when entering the clinic and changing clothes and shoes before entering the hospital.
  • Adoption of regular organization of the human resources that allow the reduction of the attending employees in the premises of the Asklipios SA, Psychiatric Clinic of Veria. There is also a pool of support staff, which remains on standby for any intervention or replacement of an active employee.
  • Naturally boost the immune system of our employees with the recommendation for proper and balanced nutrition in this particularly difficult time.
  • Proper and continuous disinfection of all areas of the clinic.
  • Limiting patients’ contacts with the external human environment achieved with safety and conscious discretion. No external collaborator or relative of the patient is allowed to enter the premises of the Asklipios SA, Psychiatric Clinic of Veria. Thus the visit was removed and now the relatives can get in touch with the patient, through the use of video conferencing technology.
  • Training of patients in hand washing and personal hygiene but also in maintaining the distance of 2 meters as defined by the EODY from the occupational therapist of our clinic since an effort has been made to understand this difficult period.
  • Shielding the immune system of patients through their diet program rich in nutrients and vitamins and adapted to the needs of each patient with the help of a specialist nutritionist.
  • At the same time, the activities of occupational therapy and creative employment have increased, so that there is no negative psychological burden on patients. Internal social activity is kept high to compensate for the lack of external social contact.
  • Strengthening the body of patients through daily exercise and physiotherapy under the guidance and assistance of the physiotherapist of the clinic.
  • Encouragement and psychological support of patients and creation of a positive climate for the smooth continuation of their treatment, which is the goal that must be achieved during their treatment by a specialized psychosocial team of the clinic.
  • However, apart from the passive means of treatment, the plan of Asklipios SA, Psychiatric Clinic of Veriaalso includes active actions of medical prevention and treatment of episodes.

To thank all the staff of Asklipios SA, Psychiatric Clinic of Veria for the sense of responsibility, zeal and love he shows daily to the patients of the Clinic.

Also, a big thank you to the people who trust us with their loved ones.

Asklipios SA, Psychiatric Clinic of Veria, taking into account these difficult times we are experiencing as Greeks and wanting to help, offers a free telephone line of psychological support that you can contact and ask for help at: 2331078200


Christmas celebration

Christmas celebration

Dear parents, relatives and friends, we invite you to the Christmas Celebration of our Clinic on Sunday, December 15, 2019, time: 16: 30΄-18: 00΄.