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Respect for the well-being and rights of the patient
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The clinic ASKLIPIOS SA meeting the demands of modern business reality and aiming at the provision of high standards of quality catering services, the improvement of its organizational structure and internal communication and the safety of meals provided to patients, installed a Product Safety System in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 22000: 2018.


The Food Safety Management System (SDAT) of the clinic covers the preparation, production and distribution of meals for the patients of the clinic and was designed according to the needs and aspirations of the Clinic, in accordance with Legal and Regulatory requirements of current Greek and EU legislation.


Satisfaction and ensuring the trust of customers, through the fulfillment of defined quality standards and consistency in the provision of catering services, are key principles of the Clinic. The overall goal is to provide patients with safe food and a consistent quality of service at every level. More specifically, the Clinic seeks:

  • the continuous upgrading of the capacity of the departments involved in feeding, through training programs, but also the recruitment of trained new employees.
  • the continuous improvement of the SDAT (Food Safety Management System according to ISO 22000) and the operation of the Clinic using the following tools:
    • Defining and reviewing product quality and safety objectives
    • Management Review
    • Internal Inspections
    • Corrective and Preventive Actions
    • Systematic analysis of data resulting from Quality Files.
    • Measurable goals of the Clinic for the satisfaction of the above food safety policy, are:
  • Product returns or customer complaints about the quality and safety of meals provided should not exceed 5% each year for all patients.
  • All the results of the laboratory analyzes for our products to be within the limits set by the European and Greek legislation.
  • Non-compliant products received from suppliers less than 5% of total receipts.


In addition, the philosophy and values of the Clinic include the avoidance of the burden on the environment, the prudent use of natural resources and the application of hygiene and safety rules.


In order to achieve the above objectives, all the necessary references have been made in the documentation of the Food Safety Management System. Through the systematic planning, the control of the procedures and the continuous improvement of all the activities, the principles of the Clinic are fulfilled.


The Management is committed to the disposal of the infrastructure and equipment that is deemed necessary for the implementation of its tasks. Each employee is responsible for the quality of his own work and is obliged to contribute to the management of quality, product safety and the achievement of set goals. For this reason, all employees, depending on their responsibilities, are informed about the Food Safety Management System and act in accordance with the established rules.


Procedures, flows and actions that do not guarantee the fulfillment of the set goals, are immediately stopped by those responsible, cause analyzes are carried out and the necessary improvement measures are defined.